Scottish Government guidance on the use of face coverings

29 April 2020

Scottish Government have asked Genetic Alliance UK to share that new guidance on the use of face masks has been published on the Scottish Government’s website.

Scottish Government are keen to stress that:

  • The current rules on physical distancing and hygiene remain the most important.
  • Physical distancing, hand washing and respiratory hygiene, are the most important and effective measures we can all adopt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore the wearing of facial coverings must not be used as an alternative to any of these other precautions.
  • The evidence on the use of face coverings is limited, but there may be some benefit in wearing a facial covering in certain circumstances where social distancing is difficult.
  • By face covering, we do not mean  a surgical or other medical grade mask but a covering of the mouth and nose that is made of cloth or other textiles.