Shielding Letter Information for those in Scotland

27 April 2020

Genetic Alliance UK have received confirmation from Scottish Government that shielding advice letters have now been issued, and if not already delivered, should be received within the coming days.

The response to Genetic Alliance UK states:

“Identifying those at the highest clinical risk is an ongoing process and we are seeking the help of GP’s and clinicians to add those they deem clinically at the highest risk from severe illness from COVID-19 to the list so they can receive a letter.   Although I note that some GPs are not familiar enough with the particular rare disease to make a clinical decision to allow shielding advice letters to be sent, hospital clinicians/consultants can also make this decision should they deem it clinically necessary.  However, just to reiterate this decision is a clinical one so it does have to be made by a clinician.

We are aware of some cases where the GP or hospital clinician deem a patient to be clinically at the highest risk and should be shielding but are unable to add them to the shielding list because they don’t know how to or it is for the Scottish Government to do.  We have written to all GPs and hospital clinicians on how to add someone to the shielding list if they deem it clinically necessary through their local health board co-ordination team.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact