Weekly update - England

5 June 2020

#stillshielding, response to Education Committee Inquiry and more ...

A brief update from Nick, the Director of Policy for Genetic Alliance UK about recent developments.

  • We have continued to work on the issue of how our community of people living with genetic rare and undiagnosed conditions have been affected by measures for children to go back to school and will be submitting evidence to committees at Westminster, at the Senedd in Wales and at Holyrood in Scotland over the next few days.
  • Our article on the changes to shielding guidance is here.
  • Please join our #stillshielding campaign to share how you and your community feel about the easing of lockdown.
  • Next week on our community check in we will be talking about online and telephone consultations in the NHS – what are the risks and what are the advantages of changes towards this approach? How can we make it as safe as possible for people with genetic, rare and undiagnosed conditions to access healthcare?

If you have any specific issues relating to England or policy more generally please email me, nick@geneticalliance.org.uk.