What’s it like to send your child back to school?

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29 June 2020

Stephanie tells us about her decision to send her daughter back to school

Scarlett attends a specialist school in Milton Keynes and after the Easter holidays I had a phone call to see if I would like Scarlett to be given a space as they were taking key worker children and those they felt would benefit from a few hours at school in the week. It would also give me a break as I’m a single parent! However, at the time we were staying inside and ordering our Asda shop online so there was no way I felt comfortable enough to send her in.

As these weeks have gone on and things seem to have settled down and other children were going back to school I thought maybe it was the right time to approach one day a week back to school as time certainly can take its toll when you’re a SEN parent! So Wednesday came and I was full of nerves and anxiety wondering how she would be as I haven’t left her side in three months. But, as soon as we turned the corner into the school her face lit up and she was so excited to be back. She signed that she loved me and gave me a big kiss, which is more than she does normally, and off she went! I’m aware social distancing is just not achievable in a setting like this, but my trust in those who work at the school is high, and they have been doing this for so long now I didn’t feel uneasy about it.

Turns out she had a trampolining session, played with moving ladybird magnets and had lots of musical fun throughout her first day back.

It’s only one day, and less hours, but it’s time I get to simply pop to the shops, tidy the house, or simply sit down with a cup of tea and a film! And it’s time she gets to spend independently with other smiling faces and doing activities I’m not able to provide for her at home. This gives us a small bit of normality I think we are all craving one way or another.

Scarlett having a piggy back from her mum.

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